Troublefaker Stories: But His Emails

Hey again. Y'know I do my best to make sure my email gets out to you on Wednesday, but this week it just wasn't going to happen. I have an HP ENVY 5660 printer/scanner and it broke up with my laptop like a tween girl with a grudge - there was no convincing it to even try communicating... so, well, you get the picture. No scan means no comic, so I had to improvise my solution. 

Today's strip revolves around an aspect of band drama that follows me to this day: email. Band emails have filled me with dread for a long time, partially because I tend to assume people don't really like me, and partially because of Ethan. 

As someone new to the whole band thing I saw Ethan as the authority on band life and business. He did the booking, he knew the venues, he knew the etiquette -- I didn't have any reason to doubt his knowledge. The years have proven Ethan to be right about half of the time and that's fine. The scene is always evolving, as are we. 

But when Ethan had an issue, he wrote about it. We all got the email and if I printed it I'd lose four sheets of paper easy. He didn't ramble either. Everything was well-thought out and often included bullet points. He was very, very thorough. 

The one I remember clearest addressed whether the rest of the band was in it to grow and thrive or just dick around (my words, not his) as hobbyists. I wasn't sure what to think of that one, but the more I read the more I thought he was either going to quit or kick me out, and I panicked. Oh how I wish I still had that email, but I don't. It's not even in the archives of my Yahoo account. You'll have to take my word for it, as usual. 

Including the whole comic this week so you'll sign up for emails!While Ethan no longer pursues music full-time, he does still write. He writes fiction, non-fiction, bits of encouraging insight as a life coach on social media, and sometimes he still writes songs. I put a link to his work in my last email to you, but here it is again in case you missed it: 

Next week is Independence Day and I will be pretty busy with a few family things, so expect to see another chapter around July 10. Until then please feel free to reply to let me know what you think, or to forward this message or its link with a suggestion to sign up! 

Your friend, 
Wynne C Blue