About Wynne

Wynne C Blue has been making music in the greater Seattle area since 2005, performing rock and powerpop with her band The Troublefakers until 2019.

Earning her Fine Arts degree from Washington State University, Wynne's first pursuit was illustration but landed in IT after college. It was there she found a community of hobby musicians that encouraged her to use her voice and perform with a band, and The Troublefakers were born.

Their original sound was more Rockabilly Americana than Rock or Pop, but it evolved into steady rock with occasional injections of funk and new wave pop. Together they released four studio albums and three singles that can be heard here or at Bandcamp.

As a solo artist Wynne is venturing beyond Rock and Powerpop to explore theatrical and storytelling elements of rock performance, carefully planning a return to the studio and stage.

Wynne performing at The Blue Moon Tavern, August 2023