Troublefaker Stories: End of Part 1

Hey again. I'm sure you've noticed it's taken me a bit longer these last couple of weeks to get a comic and story chapter out to you. As it's the finale of this part of my story I will spare…

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Troublefaker Stories: The Talk

I'm going to cut to the chase this time.

As long-time subscribers know, this is a chapter I wasn't excited to write about. It was expected, though (can I build suspense or what?)

Despite the post-rehearsal Pumphouse dinners, the rehearsals…

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Troublefaker Stories: It's Different for the Band

These next few comics are gonna hurt. I have them all storyboarded out in a notebook with thumbnail sketches not because that's what comic artists do, but because that's what storytellers do. I didn't want to approach this part of…

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Troublefaker Stories: But His Emails

Hey again. Y'know I do my best to make sure my email gets out to you on Wednesday, but this week it just wasn't going to happen. I have an HP ENVY 5660 printer/scanner and it broke up with my…

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Wynne Stories: Interlude 1

Hey! How are you? I've been trying to make sure you get my email on Wednesdays. Sometimes it's simple distraction slowing me down, but most of the time It's figuring out what I want to share with you.

Usually I…

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Troublefaker Stories: Just Promo

I'm taking this week off from the comics. They take a bit longer than I expected they would and I'm getting to a part of band history I'm not sure how to approach so I'm taking my time on it. 

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Troublefaker Stories: Battle of the Bands

Oh hey, it's me, your friend Wynne C Blue. I know I keep saying that but I think it's my thing, wanting to let you know I'm your friend. Cheesy? Heck yeah it is. Moving on... 

I have this list…

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Troublefaker Stories: First gigs at The Workshop

Hey! Again, I hope you're enjoying these stories as much as I'm enjoying writing and illustrating them. I'm still astounded at the amount of people who write to me or approach me to let me know what they think! This…

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Troublefaker Stories: The Band Gets a Name

Hey, how are you? I've been thinking a lot about what to write about this week. I know in my last message I said I would tell you a bit about the first Troublefakers gigs (if you missed it you…

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Troublefaker Stories: The Pumphouse

Hey! How'd you like last week's comic? I got a lot of great feedback on it and the first chapter of Troublefakers Stories and hope you enjoyed it, too. If you missed one, scroll back through the WCB Blog to…

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