Troublefaker Stories: End of Part 1

Hey again. I'm sure you've noticed it's taken me a bit longer these last couple of weeks to get a comic and story chapter out to you. As it's the finale of this part of my story I will spare you excuses and get right to it.

I chose to let Laurel go. You won't find her on any of our social media accounts because her time as a Troublefaker pre-dates our Facebook and as well as other modern web presences. It was all MySpace during this time (2005-2008).

I didn't enjoy this conversation. When you're close friends firing a bandmate can be the same as a breakup, and it should be done in person unless you can't help it. In hindsight I should have made the time but I didn't. It broke her heart and mine to part ways. We spoke maybe one or two times after that.

Last I heard Laurel went on to work on her own music projects, calling in a few people from the jam group where we all met. That was many years ago. I hope she is doing well and still playing drums with that fiery spirit audiences always enjoyed.

Some musicians can sit down with each other over a beer and decide if moving forward is the best option. Those types are artists first and then friends. We weren't quite there. It's great to be able to make music with friends as long as everyone's goals are similar. Friendship isn't always enough.

So ends part one of my Troublefakers Stories. I'm glad you stuck with me this long and took some time to let me know how much you enjoy them.

For now I'm going to take a bit of a break. Patreon, songwriting, and  tracking down images that segue into the next part will be my priorities for the next couple of weeks. I have no plans to stop making comics for you, I promise.

Until then say a little prayer for me that I get everything done on my to-do list! It's time to make music a priority again.

I love you! Please be happy.

Your friend,
Wynne C Blue