Troublefaker Stories: A Conversation

Hey, how are you? I wish I could say I was doing okay. This week has been brutal health-wise, and keeping me away from my workdesk. I posted something about the delays on my Facebook page and my Instagram (still figuring out how to love Twitter) - did you see it? Anyway, better late than never. Even through my struggle, I enjoyed creating this comic for you. 

Because I've been struggling I just don't have it in me for a history lesson this week and won't be writing a lot. After we finally got away from Battle of the Bands at Merchant's Cafe Laurel and I ended up at the Denny's in Bellevue, WA. I'm not sure how or why we chose that one, but we ended up there at 3 a.m. for coffee and pancakes. The following conversation is real, I just have no proof. 

Teaser for Troublefakers #6 - sign up for emails!Enjoy this weekend, it's a long one for me with Memorial Day and all. I'm taking next week off and will pick up comic writing again in June. Until then, won't you head over to BandCamp and check out my discography? Pick out your favorites and download a few. It will help me out until I can get around to Patreon. 

Your friend, 

Wynne C Blue